"Miami Is On MY Mind" is a song I wrote after studying the history of about how Miami came to be such a diversified city. I did a lot of research for this song. My husband shared the song with the former President of the Miami Chamber of Commerce Mr. Bill Cullom, and he suggested I sing it "live" at the Miami Goal's conference. My husband found a sponser to pay for the recording time and also to make CD's for the attendees of the conference; everyone who came was given a CD. I felt like I couldn't just put one song on the CD, so I wrote another called "Let's Celebrate" and it was added to the CD. I didn't have a band, but there were good acoustics in the room I was to sing in live. I asked some friends to be my back-up singers. They agreed and I sang live (the night after Wynonna Judd had sang in the same room!) at the Doral Golf and Country Club. As me and one of my back-up singers were getting ready in the room they provided for us to stay in that evening, there was a knock at the door, I had my hair in hot rollers, so I asked her to answer it. The gentleman asked for me, so I peeked around the wall where I could see waiter. He said he was asked to bring me this "treat." I couldn't believe my eyes! He had a beautiful tray of six huge chocolate covered starwberries adorned with white tuxcedo coats. They were too beautiful to eat! Then, as the time neared for the performance, there was another knock at the door and a gentleman said there was a cart here to take me up to the ballroom. My friend and I got on the cart and headed for the ballroom. The gentlemen that were going to be singing with me were already there waiting in the corridor. I was ready to perform. I was introduced to the audience by the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce Barry Johnson. Although he seemed a very gracious man, when he announced me as "this young lady will be the next Gloria Estefan." Try singing after a statement like that! I quickly developed a huge lump in my throat (as I knew I could never be in her league!) but I knew the show had to go on. It went well, but I think it was a miracle I was able to sing after that oh-so-ever over the top compliment. Still, I have a fond memory of that night. Composed and performed by Barbie Bobo. Back-up singers: Ruthie Stivers, Rich Cunningham, and Ted Way. Arrangement by Rudy Sanchez. Recorded at Sound Design Studio in Miami, Florida.