1. Star Search

The television show "STAR SEARCH" was going into its 11th season. I thought it needed a new song. Little did I know, that they were looking for a new song! I wrote a new theme song for the show and sent it out to L.A. There was a commmittee that formed to hear new songs that were being considered. I really didn't think I had a chance of the committee choosing my song. I had no agent, no manager, no record label-but did have God on my side. Within a few weeks they were down to the last three songs. Josie Castleberry, Ed McMahon's secretary called us from L.A. and asked us to send them more cassettes as my song was being highly considered. (we still have her recorded message!) Well, I cannot tell you how excited I was! We sent the cassettes to them and waited. Unfortunately, my song was not chosen, however, I was very encouraged that my song was listened to by producers and directors of a television show and that four people actually voted for my song. It encouraged me to keep on writing.
Composed and performed by Barbie Bobo. Arrangement by Rudy Sanchez. Recorded at Sound Design Studio in Miami, Florida.