"A New Song" 

Hello Everyone...

You can listen to my radio show "A New Song" on every Tuesday evening at 7-8 pm  or Sunday morning at 11 am and 7 pm Sunday evening. Sometimes the radio station airs my show on Tuesday or Thursday morning at 10 am. It will stream on WKDWRadio 97.5 FM at those same times also. Each week will have a new topic. Enjoy and be blessed!



My Christmas CD Christmas Love is now available! I hope you enjoy listening to the excerpts. This will make a wonderful Christmas  gift for young and old. Enjoy, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas Season!

In His Love,


New Video: "You Lift Me Up" 

I am excited to announce the release of my new music video "You Lift Me Up." It has been a "work in progress" for some time now. I am sure that many of you can identify with the words...this world gets us down sometimes and we have to remember to "keep lookin' up! It is on YouTube now and I will be uploading to my website soon!

I want to thank my arranger Rudy for his "chops" and I especially thank the Lord for His love that endures forever!


New Project 

I am delighted to share with you all the "New" project you are hearing.  My dearest friend, Rudy Sanchez wrote the song entitled "I Seek Your Face" and he asked me to "demo" it for him! How could I refuse? He is such a gifted  Christian songwriter, studio engineer, music arranger, and singer in his own right. I love his song...A new song from me is "An Ordinary Man." That is just what Jesus had to be you know, a man sent to earth who would feel everything we feel, and yet not a sin did He commit. He had to be perfect because we cannot be perfect. To have a relatioship with our heavenly Father, we must first have a relationship with his son, Jesus Christ. For the sins we have committed that we think impossible to confess, we are to go to our helper the Holy Spirit. He wil in turn utter them to our Holy Father. I hope all of you had a Blessed Easter, praising God that death has been conquered!!!